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The Ferret Tarot




$14.95 plus $2.00 Shipping (or $3 To Canada, $5 To Europe & the rest of the world)


Printed in Black & White on card stock paper.


The FERRET TAROT is an Artist Produced Deck of 78 cards, 2 1/2" x 3 3/4" in size, with reversible backs.  It also comes with a little white booklet & a ferret meanings 'cheat sheet' as well as a lined pouch for storage.  

It is NOT laminated & can be colored in with color pencil if you so choose. The first printing was done in Oct. of 2003 and the card meanings are based on the standard Rider Waite style tarot deck.  See sample images below.

Quite unexpectedly, the entire first printing of 500 sold out in a year and a half, but we did a second printing of 300 in Sept. of 2005.  Unlike the first, this one is not a signed and numbered edition, but if you ask I can sign it for you.


Ferret Tarot Samples
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Tears of woe,
Love did go.

Loss at love is one of the interpretations on this card.


Pain, ruin, well, it's all over now! Stop reacting to the problem.

 Three of Swords

  Ten of Swords

It's all right in my little corner of the world.

Completion, end results of all efforts.

When you wish upon a star.

Hope, insight, peace, future changes.

      The World

        The Star

Let me show you a little magic.

Using your skills & abilities to the best advantage.


I know something you don't.

Study, comprehension, wisdom, common sense.

    The Magician

The High Priestess

I could have stopped that.

Obstacles, financial difficulties, long term failure.

Guru on the mountain top.

Knowledge, discretion, withdrawal, a guide.

Five of Pentacles

      The Hermit

All mine fair and square! I ain't sharing!

Humiliation, degradation, conquest, loss.

Spiritual discipline to the 12th level

Faith, patience, ritual, inactivity.

   Five of Swords

   The Hierophant

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